Please Vote!

I will keep this simple and short! Please Vote! Please use your voice to speak for those who are not being heard. For people of color, Please Vote! For 545 immigrant kids, Please Vote! For the nurses and doctors caring for those with the corona virus, Please Vote! For a return of civility to ourContinue reading “Please Vote!”

Have You Met My Mother?

I would like to introduce you to my favorite lady in the entire world. Her name is Nancy Getts and I am the luckiest person around because she is my Mother. Everything I know about being a mother (and a Grandmother!) I learned from my Mom. She has dedicated her entire life to mothering andContinue reading “Have You Met My Mother?”

Catholic Moments: Waving the White Flag

I can take a fair amount of grief. Since becoming a mother I have experienced every sort of conflict imaginable. When a person’s anger is directed at… Catholic Moments: Waving the White Flag

Catholic Moments

I would like to digress from my reflections on homeschooling and finding my path forward by doing some public soul searching about my Catholic faith. I have mentioned before that I am a cradle Catholic. I grew up in the Midwest and the foundation of my faith was formed in my hometown parish in northernContinue reading “Catholic Moments”

Checking In

The weather turned sharply cooler here in the Mid Atlantic. One week we were hanging out at the pool, the next week we were adding a blanket to the bed. The change in the weather felt so sudden. I was not prepared for 40 degree mornings! The crisp weather coming was a good reminder thatContinue reading “Checking In”


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