Joy (and sadness)

If you have never watched the Pixar movie, Inside Out, I would highly recommend it. It is entertaining and it provides an interesting lens for looking at our memories and the emotions associated with them. An unexpected twist in the plot of the movie comes when the character Joy realizes that some happy memories (representedContinue reading “Joy (and sadness)”


One of the benefits of having your kids grow up, (if you are lucky enough!) is that they bring their friends home and you get to know some very wonderful people. I have hosted many of my children’s friends over the years. Since we left the Air Force I have had the pleasure of watchingContinue reading “Hope!”

Halfway Through

It is hard for me to believe that Kris and I are at the mid point in our school year. It has been a wild ride this fall with all that is going on in the world around us. I need to step back and reflect on how it went. The beginning of the semesterContinue reading “Halfway Through”

Please Vote!

I will keep this simple and short! Please Vote! Please use your voice to speak for those who are not being heard. For people of color, Please Vote! For 545 immigrant kids, Please Vote! For the nurses and doctors caring for those with the corona virus, Please Vote! For a return of civility to ourContinue reading “Please Vote!”

Have You Met My Mother?

I would like to introduce you to my favorite lady in the entire world. Her name is Nancy Getts and I am the luckiest person around because she is my Mother. Everything I know about being a mother (and a Grandmother!) I learned from my Mom. She has dedicated her entire life to mothering andContinue reading “Have You Met My Mother?”


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