One of the benefits of having your kids grow up, (if you are lucky enough!) is that they bring their friends home and you get to know some very wonderful people.

I have hosted many of my children’s friends over the years. Since we left the Air Force I have had the pleasure of watching some of these young people grow up. It has been a delight to observe them as they journey into adulthood.

A few of them leave an indelible impression on me, and inspire me to be a better person. Emma, (my son Ben’s girlfriend) is one of those people!

Our dog Rosie LOVES Emma!

Emma is a brand new nurse. She graduated early, at the top of her class, this spring. She spent countless hours studying for the NCLEX (the final test nurses take to get their license) and passed it with flying colors. She landed a great job and is working nights at a very prestigious hospital. When it came time for her to work with COVID patients she suited up and jumped right in. I admire her courage!

Yesterday she was among the first in our area to receive the Pfizer vaccine. She put a video up on her Instagram feed and I have to tell you, it brought tears to my eyes.

I am so happy that she has been able to be vaccinated. I have grown attached to her and I know that this will insure her safety (after she gets that second dose!). It also gives me something that has been in very short supply lately…


I can now see that there is a light at the end of this terrible dark tunnel of sickness and suffering. Even if it will be months away, I can see that I too will have my chance to bare my arm and receive the antibodies I crave to protect me and my loved ones from becoming ill.

Praise God!

There are other things that Emma and Ben have been teaching me through this Pandemic. The care and concern they have shown each other and our family is blowing me away.

Young adults are often portrayed as self centered and self absorbed.

Not these two!

From the beginning of the pandemic they have been extra careful to make sure they are in good health before they interact. If one of them has been accidentally exposed, (and this has happened numerous times) then they stay apart until time or a test tells them it is safe to be together again. They display a maturity and concern for those around them that puts the majority of other adults to shame.

They are teaching me Patience!

I am going to need it as I wait my turn to receive the coronavirus vaccine. I want it to happen right now. Yesterday would have been better!

Of course it is going to be a long slog, uphill getting to that point when the medicine will be available for all. I have many outdoor gatherings to sit through and much mask wearing to do in the mean time. But still, there it sits..


Thank you to all the research scientists, doctors and nurses who have been tirelessly working through these last months. Thank you for taking good care of us all.

Ben and Emma, thank you for your thoughtfulness when you are together and your endurance when you have to be apart. You inspire me to take up the charge and do my part.

God Bless You both!

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