Lent 2023 First Reading

First Sunday of Lent Before I start my reflection today, I would like to add a disclaimer. I do not hate men. I have a wonderful husband, a terrific Dad, 3 amazing sons and 1 fabulous son-in-law, a great uncle, 2 brothers….you get the picture. What I do detest, is getting only the “man’s pointContinue reading “Lent 2023 First Reading”

Advent 2022, Day 3

The ornament today is meant to remind us that, “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis1:1). As an adult, it is easy to remember the creation stories with glassy eyes; yes, yes, I have heard this before. What’s next? Advent is a time for slowing down, just a notch. I knowContinue reading “Advent 2022, Day 3”

Come With Me on a Journey

After much discernment and soul searching I have decided to invite you to come for a walk with me. As a runner finishes her race she does not stop at the finish line abruptly, rather she starts jogging and then slows it down to a walk so she can recover. I am in this recoveryContinue reading “Come With Me on a Journey”


It has been many and many a day since I last wrote anything here. Much has happened in the time between. For me, the change in Presidential Administrations has altered my perspective. It is like a heavy stone has been lifted off my chest. My daughter Emily sent this GIF to our group chat onContinue reading “Struggling”