Catholic Moments: Waving the White Flag

I can take a fair amount of grief. Since becoming a mother I have experienced every sort of conflict imaginable. When a person’s anger is directed at me (for whatever reason), it is not pleasant, but I can bear it.

It is another thing altogether when one of my children (or any person who is precious to me) comes under fire. There is some wild mother beast who lives inside of me and she comes rushing out at the mere mention of injustice towards my loved ones.

The whole impetus for writing the Catholic Moments portion of my blog comes from this place.

Normally, when I read articles or hear conversations from those who are more conservative in our faith than I am, I am able to overlook the things I don’t agree with. I think our church is big enough for a wide spectrum of believers. I try mightily to listen to where they are coming from, even if I don’t concur.

Lately it has become increasingly difficult to ignore these voices. They have become loud and a bit unruly. I do not want to have a fight with anyone, but I would like to point out that when you are swinging that club in the name of the Catholic Church, you are hurting my people.

Cue the white flag…

Today I would like to discuss the humane treatment of those in the LGBTQ community, especially those within our Catholic Family.

Yes, I am well aware of the Catholic Church’s official stance on Gay and Lesbian relationships. I know exactly what those teachings say. The fact that I don’t agree with all of the instructions and others find them a most necessary tenant of our faith really is immaterial.

What I am asking for, is civility and compassion. I think this is what Jesus would ask for if he walked in on our conversations today. If we, as members of a church that claims to be one, holy, and apostolic, are striving for unity then these qualities must always be present, in everything we do and say.

Civility is the hallmark of Christian living. In treating each individual we encounter with respect and love, we honor that person’s God given dignity. We are compelled to care for all of those who live on the margins of society, for whatever reason. Our language should reflect this concern for others. At no time should we engage in hate speech, or encourage others to discriminate in any way.

Compassion involves being conscious of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it. Compassion calls us to step into the shoes of our neighbor. It asks us to remember that each person is someone’s daughter, or son, sister, or brother. We must never be a part of adding to the sufferings of anyone, especially those who are often shunned by society.

Specifically, I am pleading with Catholic persons to abstain from websites, literature, protests, or conversations that further marginalize the LGBTQ community. These activities only serve to lead us into temptations of pronouncing judgements.

They also function as weapons of destruction to the well-being of these members of our church family.

Each of us gains membership into the Catholic Church by our baptism. Before the holy waters wash over our heads the priest traces the sign of the cross on our foreheads and CLAIMS US FOR CHRIST.

What Christ has claimed, we should be loathe to tear asunder.

One thought on “Catholic Moments: Waving the White Flag

  1. Thank you Deanna. Your blog is truly appreciated as my heart has been broken too many times by the church I used to call home. There are no more words for me at this point regarding the behavior of the uncivil. But I do want to express my gratitude to you and any others who show empathy and compassion for the LGBT community. Love my God and my family. And you! Peace.

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