Advent 2022 Day 23

The ornament today is a picture of wafers and grapes. Zimmerman speaks about the Last Supper and tells how Jesus took the bread and wine at that meal and blessed it. He then asked that every time his followers gathered together, they should, “do this in remembrance of me.” For Catholics, this blessing of theContinue reading “Advent 2022 Day 23”

Advent 2022 Day 14

The fish is the symbol on the ornament for today. Zimmerman tells of the early Christians using the Greek word for fish, painted on houses “to tell other Christians not to be afraid, they could come here and be safe.” I think Advent is a great time to ask ourselves if our worship spaces areContinue reading “Advent 2022 Day 14”

First Day of Advent Catholic Moments

Today is the first Sunday, the first day of Advent. In the Catholic Church, we spend the four weeks before Christmas contemplating the incarnation, Jesus coming to earth as a tiny baby. It is a lovely Tradition to prayerfully take time out of our busy schedules and mull over what the coming of the LordContinue reading “First Day of Advent Catholic Moments”

Catholic Moments Lent 2022 Wisdom from my Uncle

Last week I wrote my musings about Lent this year and my hope for moving closer to Jesus. Today I received a note in my inbox from my Uncle who is a priest at my home parish in Indiana. He published his musings in their bulletin. It is with his permission that I share thoseContinue reading “Catholic Moments Lent 2022 Wisdom from my Uncle”

Catholic Moments: Lent!

Are you thinking about what to do for Lent 2022? In the Busch family nothing gets a kid groaning like mentioning the word, “lent.” Granted, there is justification for their general dislike for this penitential season. When the kids were little we often made our sacrifices together. For many years we gave up TV forContinue reading “Catholic Moments: Lent!”

Searching for Justice…a Catholic moment

The Catholic Church and our bishops in particular have been making headlines around the nation. Of course if the Nation is interested in Catholic business it can only mean that there is a controversy in the air. If you have somehow not heard the news I will give it to you in brief. The USContinue reading “Searching for Justice…a Catholic moment”

Catholic Moments: Prayer, Reflection, Freedom

Well, how did it go? This is the question I have been thinking about since yesterday. Abandoning my usual Lenten practices and taking a deep dive into kindness and prayer has actually been very fruitful. I can’t see myself returning to the old way of honoring this penitential time. Lent started amidst the snow onContinue reading “Catholic Moments: Prayer, Reflection, Freedom”

Catholic Moments Lent 2021 Unexpected Revelations

I received some positive feedback on my decision to not take part in traditional Lenten fasting. I was pleasantly surprised when my uncle, the priest,wished me well. It was nice to know I was not totally off-base. The following day my daughter Emily sent me this: I was much encouraged to see that I amContinue reading “Catholic Moments Lent 2021 Unexpected Revelations”

Catholic Moments Lent 2021, Focus: Kindness

We are having true winter in the Mid-Atlantic, with frigid temps and white stuff falling from the sky. I have welcomed the snow as it comes down and have even gotten to go sledding, more than once! I have been distracted by the snow tumbling from the sky and lingering on the ground. It hasContinue reading “Catholic Moments Lent 2021, Focus: Kindness”

Catholic Moments: Mask Up, It’s Pro-Life

Advent is upon us! In a true spirit of reflection and prayer I offer up a few thoughts on our experience of the season during the Pandemic. I have noticed disparate reactions between my fellow believers in how we are to implement safe practices during the pandemic. It is simple, really. Mask up! I believeContinue reading “Catholic Moments: Mask Up, It’s Pro-Life”