Day 4, Advent 2022

Today’s ornament is a picture of a snowflake. This image conjures a hundred others for me because I grew up in the Mid-West where snow is a winter staple. In Zimmerman’s book, she uses this depiction of a snowflake to invoke thoughts of water, and our baptism. While it may be a stretch for myContinue reading “Day 4, Advent 2022”

Catholic Moments Lent 2022 Wisdom from my Uncle

Last week I wrote my musings about Lent this year and my hope for moving closer to Jesus. Today I received a note in my inbox from my Uncle who is a priest at my home parish in Indiana. He published his musings in their bulletin. It is with his permission that I share thoseContinue reading “Catholic Moments Lent 2022 Wisdom from my Uncle”

Catholic Moments: Lent!

Are you thinking about what to do for Lent 2022? In the Busch family nothing gets a kid groaning like mentioning the word, “lent.” Granted, there is justification for their general dislike for this penitential season. When the kids were little we often made our sacrifices together. For many years we gave up TV forContinue reading “Catholic Moments: Lent!”