Aren’t 2022 Day 13

A feather is the picture on today’s ornament. Zimmerman tells the children a story about how young eagles learn to fly. “The mother takes the eaglet upon her wing and flies high above the earth. She shakes the tiny bird off, forcing it to make its first attempt at flying. If she sees her babyContinue reading “Aren’t 2022 Day 13”

Advent 2022, Day 2, Spreading the Good News

The ornament for today is a picture of a newspaper. In the recent past, reading a newspaper was one of the only ways of finding out what was going on in the world around us. The headline of the day proclaimed what we needed to know to stay informed. Sometimes the Word of God isContinue reading “Advent 2022, Day 2, Spreading the Good News”

What happened last fall part 2

This is my fourth try at this particular post. Wish me luck! What happened this fall is complicated. Along with all of the craziness of sending my youngest child to high school, an unexpected event occurred. My oldest daughter, the one who celebrated her wedding the summer before in a lovely park by their house,Continue reading “What happened last fall part 2”

What I Will Miss the Most

Today Kris and I finished lesson 156. The last test lesson is 160 so we are speeding towards the finish line of this school year. For the past days I have been considering my time as a home a school teacher. It has been, at times, cringe worthy. If you were to chat with myContinue reading “What I Will Miss the Most”

She’s In!

Catholic high schools in our area sent out their admissions decisions on February 18th. The day after, Kris received the big white envelope emblazoned with the words, You’re In! Inside the envelope was this folder, full of information on programs, scholarships, class lists, and much more. All of the “paperwork” is now online, so fillingContinue reading “She’s In!”

I Began With The End In Mind

A bit of nostalgia washed over me today as I signed Kris up for the High School Placement Test for the Archdiocese of Washington Schools. She had gotten her application started late last week, but there was something about signing her up for this test that caused me to think about each of my otherContinue reading “I Began With The End In Mind”

Counting My Blessings: Homeschooling Next Generation

It was a perfect early fall day. The leaves had begun to color red, yellow, orange, and they were fluttering down from the heights making a multi-colored carpet beneath my feet. There was a chill in the air and the pungent, homey smell of campfire. Perched on a log, I had an overwhelming feeling ofContinue reading “Counting My Blessings: Homeschooling Next Generation”