Running Again

Climbing Black Rock Summit

I started this blog to help me process my last year of teaching at home. It was going to be a monumental change for me and I wondered about the road ahead.

I made it through my last lap and sent my youngest on to high school. I spent a year trying to find my place in the hours of driving and the familiar rhythm of the scholastic year. It all seemed to be going according to plan.

Until it wasn’t.

A few weeks into this school year it became apparent that a traditional high school setting was not what my daughter needed to thrive. It was difficult to let go of my expectations of what her high school experience should be.

With the full support of my husband, and at her request, she came home to study.

I have always said that I would NEVER let a child study at home for high school. But God laughs when I say such things and leads me to adventures I never dreamed of having.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I find I have many blessings to count this year. If I feel a little unsteady, (as I look in the picture above), it is because I have never been on this path before and I am unsure of the terrain. I am thankful, though, for the journey and this surprising twist in the road.

My daughter is happy and thriving while learning at home. I took my first college class since 1986. Yes I did! The world is still spinning and guess what?

There is more than one path up that mountain!

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