First Day of Advent Catholic Moments

Our Advent tree

Today is the first Sunday, the first day of Advent. In the Catholic Church, we spend the four weeks before Christmas contemplating the incarnation, Jesus coming to earth as a tiny baby.

It is a lovely Tradition to prayerfully take time out of our busy schedules and mull over what the coming of the Lord means in our lives today. We often ask ourselves what we can do to be more spiritually ready for Christmas.

For many years we used this book by Laura Zimmerman. It was published for the Lutheran community but we found all of the reflections relevant and brief !

It came with ornaments that could be punched out and hung upon a tree. Our kids used to take turns hanging them on the nights before Christmas.

A couple of years ago we tried reading the reflections again, but we lost interest because the words were spoken for a younger family. We needed words that related to older teenagers and adults. I have searched everywhere for something to replace this prayer book and have been unsuccessful.

I am hoping to reflect in this space, each day of Advent (hoping!). I am not a completely traditional Catholic and I have no formal religious training, only a lifelong membership in the Roman Catholic Church, bought through my baptism 56 years ago.

If you would like to reflect with me, then read along each day. If you don’t have time or desire then, please, hit delete!

Today’s ornament is the Messianic Rose. This flower symbolizes the promise of the Messiah, made in the book of Isaiah.

When I hang the ornament on my tree this evening I will think of the hope that the coming of Jesus brings. I don’t know about you, but I could use some hope and encouragement ,this year especially.

Peace, and all Good Things!

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