She’s In!

Kris in front of a statue of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Catholic high schools in our area sent out their admissions decisions on February 18th. The day after, Kris received the big white envelope emblazoned with the words, You’re In!

Inside the envelope was this folder, full of information on programs, scholarships, class lists, and much more. All of the “paperwork” is now online, so filling it out was much quicker than it used to be!

It wasn’t a big surprise that Kris will be a part of Seton’s class of 2025, but it was a relief to be assured that she has earned a spot. She was very happy to get the news.

I am ecstatic!

Homeschool teachers get very little feedback and absolutely no monetary rewards for their efforts. We can go years without really thinking about how our students will stack up against scholars from traditional schools. When the time draws near to put our efforts to the test it can be a little nerve wracking.

I am completely relieved that our curriculum and methods stood the test of time. It is very gratifying to see the hours of effort spent pay off. It was a great mental boost for me when she received her letter of acceptance, hooray!

We have been faithfully working through her 8th grade classes throughout this long winter. She took an Algebra test this morning, so she really has only two more of those left. The rest of the tests will come at the end of the week. We only have a quarter left.

I am starting to get a lot of questions about what I will be doing next year. I do have some limitations on my time. I will most certainly be involved in driving Kris to and from school, and she definitely wants to continue dancing, so whatever I decide to “do” with those extra hours will have to fit in between the slices of all of that car time.

I am not complaining about being a carpool mom. My parents carted me to and from school and to many volleyball and basketball games and track meets. I feel like it is Kris’s turn! It will be an adventure to ride along as she makes her way.

The Pandemic has changed my perspective on what comes next. I had no idea that I would be giving up all close contact with much of my family for so long. On March 12 it will have been a year since I held my youngest granddaughter or hugged her brothers or cousins.

This time of grand mothering at a distance has shaped my perspective. It has made me realize what is most important.

My wants and plans for the 2021-2022 school year have been pared down and simplified.

I hope to be able to volunteer a bit at church or Seton if they need help in any way. Mostly though I would like to sit on the floor at my kids’ houses and get re-connected with my grandchildren.

As soon as it is safe to do so I would like to spend some quality time just visiting. I would like to run my hands over fluffy heads and hear their stories, first hand. I am looking forward to reading books, going to the park and taking trips to the mall for shopping. I hope to exhaust myself chasing after little people in their backyards. I would like to babysit so their parents can have a much needed night out alone…

At some time I might entertain taking a class or having a regular volunteering commitment, but not next year.

If vaccinations help us prevail against the virus, I hope to fill my hours between driving, helping those who need it and counting my blessings.

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