Advent 2022 Day 6

Matches are on the ornament Zimmerman chose for today. In her reflection, she speaks of the various ways we use fire in our daily lives. She reminds us that in the Old Testament God spoke to Moses through the burning bush and he led the Israelites through the desert with a column of fire.

In our churches we use candles on the altar at mass, and there is always a candle, forever burning, in every Catholic Church. It stands somewhere near the tabernacle and marks the place where Jesus, in the form of the blessed sacrament, resides.

I love to go camping. Sitting around a campfire with our family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. We sing or tell stories or remember camping trips past. It is a nearly magical thing to sit around a fire at night.

Fire draws us in, makes us want to come near. I think that is why I pray better when I light a candle. It is a small thing to do, but it helps bring my attention to the Lord. It helps me to realize that any place I choose to call his name, is made holy.

Going to mass is a good way to pray, but finding time for personal prayer enhances my life and helps me to move forward in faith. I don’t have an altar in my home, but I do have a few places that I regularly pray. I always try to light that candle.

The flame that I see reminds me that my home, my life, is made holy by God’s presence.

Try it some day this Advent. Light a candle while you make your petitions to God, while you listen for his voice.

“You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light” (Psalm 18:28).

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