Advent 2022 Day 15

A pocket watch is the picture on the ornament today. Zimmerman talks to the children about how hard it is to wait!

My family was just talking about this yesterday. My youngest son and daughter agreed that Advent used to seem like an eternity. Now, it speeds by, and my son, at least, would like it to slow down a bit!

I feel the same way. Right now, in these last days before Christmas, there never seems to be enough time. I always do a lot of baking and cooking at this time of year. I have a couple of sewing projects that have a Christmas deadline. There are a few things left to buy, last minute gifts to purchase for those I love…We don’t even have our tree yet!

My list of things to do is long and time seems short.

Today is the perfect time to hop off the whirling holiday merry go round for a bit. Today I will take a deep breath and pray for just a little longer.

As I hang the watch ornament on the advent tree I will thank God for the time he gives me. I will ask him to help me carve out some quiet time in each of these last days of Advent to contemplate the manger, to let it fill me with his Peace.

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