Advent 2022 Day 16

Today’s ornament is a picture of a whistle. Zimmerman reminds the children that we need to have our hearts always ready for the coming of Jesus. She says it is “like being in a race. The runners are at the starting line and the starter has said ‘Get set!’ We are just waiting for the whistle to blow to ‘Go!’”

If you have ever run in a race, you will remember that it is a moment of tension, waiting at the ready to sprint. It is an unbearable thought to press pause at this point.

Yet this is where we find ourselves, we who are followers of Christ.

I know that in the busyness of my life I often forget this fact. We are a people waiting for our Lord’s return.

I don’t know about you, but I find that it makes me squirm. If I look inside myself, I can tell you that my house is definitely not in order. In fact, it is pretty messy in there. I am not at all poised and ready for Jesus’ return.

I am late for the race, jogging up behind all the others who are prepared and waiting.

My church is holding an evening of prayer next week and giving us the opportunity to go to reconciliation. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have gone. Maybe I will take them up on the offer to clear some of the clutter out of my spiritual house.

As I hang the whistle ornament on my tree, I am reminded that I need to get my inside self ready, not just for Christmas, but for the Coming of the Lord!

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