Advent 2022 Day 17

The image for today is a pine cone. Zimmerman relates how evergreen trees have become a symbol for Christmas and how “God’s presence in our lives is forever.”

Zimmerman starts her reflection by saying, “By now many homes have set up their Christmas trees.”

Immediately my heart skipped a beat because we are really running behind this year. Many scheduled events have prevented me from getting the house and the treats ready.

Instead of making preparations, I have been enjoying the people God has placed in my life. We were fortunate to have an entire week with my parents, who traveled from Indiana to see me and my family. I would not trade that time for anything.

My granddaughters sang in a wonderful concert on Sunday. We were able to enjoy both the singing and a lunch out with more family. I don’t regret it for a second.

Yesterday my daughter invited me to Baltimore to go to the park where she and my one year old grandson were meeting my daughter in law and three of my other grandchildren. I could not resist!

Here it is December 13, and I am actually doing a pretty good job at keeping the anxiety monster at bay.

The extra time I have been spending in prayer has given me more peace than I have experienced in a while. God’s forever presence is palpable to me. I know I am making the right choices this Advent season.

We will have a tree (we have an appointment to cut one down on Friday), and there will be delicious things to eat (thanks to my youngest daughter).

As I hang the pine cone ornament on the tree, I am humbly grateful for my faith, and my family. I am relishing the extra time spent with the ones I love.

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