Advent 2022 Day 18

Today Zimmerman chose a picture of a mustard seed for the ornament. She talks of the word faith and what it is, “a firm and certain thought or belief.” Then she goes on to explain how when a farmer plants a seed, he has faith that it will grow. And how if our mother tells us she loves us, we believe her (she does!).

As I grow older my faith is growing out of the seed my parents and family members tended. Now it has tendrils of its own. My faith is dynamic and changing. Like a true tree, it has bumps and gnarls and it is bent by doubt. I am missing branches that have been pruned my the Great Gardener himself.

I am not overly concerned when I encounter true challenges. I know this faith is sturdy enough to withstand many earthly trials. I lean heavily upon it and its strength sustains me.

It has been quite a year for me, many ups and downs and mountains to climb. I feel like I am always scrambling up, trying to catch my breath.

Today as I hang the mustard seed ornament, I give great thanks for my faith and those who passed it on to me.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2Corinthians 5:7

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