Advent 2022 Day 21

Today’s ornament is a picture of a fishing lure. Zimmerman uses Luke 5:1-11 to illustrate her reflection. These verses tell the story of the tired fishermen, who had been up through the night, fishing without a catch. Jesus borrows their boat, preaches from it for a while, and then turns to Peter and asks him to, “let down the nets for a catch.”

Peter tells him he has been working all night, but since Jesus is asking him to do it, he will put the nets out.

They catch such a large number of fish from this casting, their nets begin to break and they have to call for help to bring them all in.

Peter says to Jesus, “Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man!” It is after this miracle that these disciples, “left everything and followed him.”

My Dad is a fisherman, and I can tell you that no fisher person worth their salt will just cast a rod out in random waters. It is just not how it is done.

Jesus plans this on purpose of course, because he wants to reach Peter, James and John right where they are. He bursts into their daily work and reveals to them who he is.

These are not learned men, they are laborers, blue collar workers, men who toil hard for a living. This fact gives me much hope. I may not be an official day laborer, but I am certainly not very schooled in church matters. I do not have a degree in theology. I have also been doing “unskilled” work most of my adult life, caring for and teaching my family.

If Jesus can build his entire church from simple fishermen then I feel I am in good company. He can build his church today through me and you.

As I hang the fishing lure, I ponder the Wisdom of entrusting faith to regular people like me (and you!). Today, let’s be on the lookout for ways that he is bursting into our daily lives, giving us a glimpse of the divine, and calling us to come after him.

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