Advent 2022 Day 22

A palm branch is the picture on the ornament for today. Zimmerman inserts the story of Palm Sunday into her reflection narrative.

When I am surrounded by my crèche sets, Christmas lights, and our newly decorated Christmas tree, it is jarring to recall where this story ends up.

The little baby, whose birth we are awaiting, will grow up to be horribly tortured at the end of his time on earth. He will suffer and die so that I may be redeemed.

I don’t have to look very far to see suffering in our world, even at Christmas time. Death, separation, and divorce have visited my friends and family this year. It is very painful for those walking through grief from these losses.

The palm branch is a good reminder that we need to reach out in prayer and compassion to those around us who may be enduring a crisis this Christmas.

O Emmanuel Come, ransom our captive hearts!

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