Advent 2022 Day 26

Today the picture on the ornament is a penny. Zimmerman reflects with the children about money. She says, “Money, by itself, is not good or bad. It’s what people do — or don’t do — with their money that is good or bad,” depending on the choices they make.

I think it is interesting to think about what we don’t do with our money. Catholics as a group are rather stingy givers. I am sure there are historical reasons for this, but other denominations put us to shame when it comes to giving.

Some Catholics do not give to church charities because they have been abused or hurt deeply by our institutional hierarchy. This is completely understandable. It is not what I am talking about.

I am not urging everyone to suddenly empty their pockets in the collection plate, (but if you are so inspired, go ahead!). I am imploring everyone to think about those around them, those they come into contact with every day. Who could use a bit of your help?

If you live in the city, there is so much need it may feel overwhelming. Pick a charity or a person, and bestow on them some of the blessings you posses.

If you have a family, pay attention during holiday conversation. You may spot someone who could use your assistance right at your table.

It is tempting, when we receive a bonus or even our paycheck, to plan immediately for our wants, a vacation or some treat that we deserve. We earned this money, after all. It is ours!

But is it really?

Everything we have, our jobs, our homes, our education, our very lives, we have because God has allowed it.

This Advent, as I hang the penny ornament on my tree, I will remember to be grateful to God for all he has allowed me to enjoy. I will listen intently for where he wants me to share his bounty, so that others may also be blessed.

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