Advent 2022 Day 27

I have lost this ornament!

Today’s ornament is the Chi Rho. It is the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. Zimmerman reflects with the children on names, their own names given by their parents, and the name Christian, given by their baptism.

She says that our names stay with us always, they identify who we are. “Christian, too is a name you will carry forever. You were named after Jesus — what an awesome blessing.”

It is grounding to think of our names, the ones we were given. In this shifting world it is a steadying reminder that I belong to a larger family. My relatives were faithful believers and they passed on this gift of faith to me. It is my inheritance from them.

Zimmerman reminds, “you didn’t do anything to earn the right to be part of {God’s} family. It was His free gift.”

There used to be a saying that the best things in life are free!” I find this to be true. All of the things that really matter were not paid for by anyone. They are blessings from God, provided for my joy.

As I think of the Chi Rho ornament, I ponder my name and the name Christian. I think of the many blessings I enjoy. I give thanks for all God has given to me and mine!

O Emmanuel, come!

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